Free Blood Donation, Warmth Transmission -- Love Blood Donation Action of Heshan Jiamiji Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

On August 10, 2021, the party branch and trade union of Heshan jiamiji photoelectric technology co., ltd. actively mobilized the caring partners in the enterprise to participate in the blood donation activity after receiving the notice of taoyuan town government on doing a good job in unpaid blood donation in 2021. a total of 30 colleagues participated in the blood donation activity, donating 5360 ml of blood to the blood bank of Jiangmen central blood station and making due contributions to patients with blood.



In the process of blood donation, colleagues in strict accordance with the requirements of the activity, consciously line up, do a good job in the inspection task before the blood test, and then donate blood after it is determined to be qualified. The blood donation process is very easy and loving, showing the concept of people-oriented culture of the enterprise, so that people around you can feel the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the enterprise all the time.




This unpaid blood donation activity not only represents the company's support for the development of social blood transfusion, but also represents the quality of selfless dedication of corporate employees, and dedicates a little bit of their own power to the society to help more people in need.


Author: Miss Mai