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Gathering Colorful Enlarge World

A national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of optical lens and optical coating products

Established in 2005, Heshan Jiamiji Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, sales, and service of optical lenses and optical coating products.
The enterprise is located in Heshan City, Guangdong Province, at the southwest end of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. It covers an area of more than 50 acres and has built an industrial factory of 50000 square meters (the overall project completion can reach 110000 square meters). It has grinding, coating, and assembly workshops, of which the coating and assembly dust-free workshops have been put into use for more than 10000 square meters. More than 300 optical cold processing equipment and more than 40 evaporation coating machines are equipped, mainly researching and producing stage light lenses, projection lenses, and various optical coating products. The stage light lens is mainly used in imaging optoelectronic instruments such as computer stage projection, LED projection, laser cinema projection, etc; Projection lenses are mainly used in teaching, office, household and other projection instruments.


The enterprise passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2009 and successively passed the ISO14000 environmental management system certification. It has established enterprise information management, owns more than 20 national patents, multiple high-tech products in Guangdong Province, and successfully created the "Jiamiji" independent brand. After the stage light lens is equipped with a terminal, it is widely used in various large-scale events both domestically and internationally, such as the Hangzhou G20 Summit, Spring Festival Gala, Olympic Games, and one-third of the world's large cinemas; Projection lenses are widely used in fields such as teaching, office, and home use.
The company currently has over 300 employees and has a research and production team that is passionate about the optical industry and willing to grow and develop together with the company. Leveraging resources from prestigious universities such as Changchun University of Technology and Jinan University, the team is committed to the research, development, and application of high-end optoelectronics.

2005 Year

The company was established in

50 multi-mu

Floor Area

340 +

Professional equipment and instruments

300 +

Number of existing staff

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The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and has reached international standards in the integration of various management systems. The ISO quality management system runs through the overall situation and can continuously and stably provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products.

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Enterprise culture

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The company LOGO implies good luck and good luck, and the wealth comes from afar and gathers in front of the hall. The color is red, which represents passion and positive progress. The whole pattern carries the passionate Jiamiki people who are united, full of enthusiasm, positive, creating value, and achieving a century of great achievements.

Enterprise culture


Vision:Foundry Photoelectric Industry National Brand
Purpose:Gathering colorful, enlarge the world
Mission:Create higher value for customers and become a platform for employees to realize their dreams: carry forward positive energy and eliminate negative energy
Core Values:Integrity, innovation, unity, hard work
Work attitude:We can't do it, we can't do it, we can do it.
Craftsman spirit:Keep improving, focus on consistency

Enterprise Song


Passionate national flag flying together colorful bathing light

Enlarge the world and move forward with our heads held high. We must be the backbone of the times.

Carry forward righteousness, work hard, be honest and innovate to realize ideal

We sing the national brand

Passionate national flag flying together colorful bathing light

Enlarge the world and move forward with our heads held high. We must be the backbone of the times.

Jiamiki people join hands to carry forward righteousness and strive for strength

Honest Innovation Realize Ideal Pursuit of Excellence Interpretation Master

Jiamiji People Shoulder Mission National Brand We Sing

United as one to build a better future for the motherland

Building a beautiful future for the motherland

Enterprise purpose


Gathering colorful, enlarge the world
interpretation of word meaning
Colorful:Refers to the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple seven kinds of brilliance, reflecting our enterprises from the optical industry;
Convergence and Magnification: Representing the Basic Functions of Our Optical Products
World:On behalf of our product pattern is facing the world.
Detailed notes:
Our enterprise should gather all kinds of talents from all over the world to jiamiji with a broad mind and the momentum of accepting all rivers, take scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, make high-quality products, and let our achievements serve the world.
Concise note:
Gathering talents from all over the world, let Jiamiji's high-quality products serve the world.

Corporate Vision


Foundry Photoelectric Industry National Brand
As a member of the photoelectric enterprise, all Jiamiji people have lofty aspirations, hard work, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, national rejuvenation as the mission, joint efforts, beyond themselves, casting the photoelectric industry world brand is our Jiamiji people's responsibility and vision.

Enterprise Mission


Create value for customers and realize dreams for employees
Foreign Jiamiji is an enterprise that creates value for customers. It is our duty to realize the higher value of customers with high-quality products. All employees inside are our relatives and our Jiaren. We have the responsibility to build a big stage for Jiaren to live and work in their lives and support Jiaren to realize their dreams.

Core Values


Integrity, innovation, unity, hard work
We behave with integrity, do business with integrity, build business bridges with integrity, and pass on business opportunities; implant technological innovation and management innovation into the bone marrow of the company; unite the industry, unite the people, and work hard to create a harmonious business circle and realize customers, The common value of enterprises and individuals.

Enterprise Style


Carry Forward Positive and Eliminate Negative Energy
Only when there is a country can there be a home. It is our responsibility to carry forward the traditional culture and virtues of the Chinese nation. Loving the motherland and contributing to the society are the common moral bottom line of every Jia in our enterprise. We adhere to principles and safeguard justice. We do not support or participate in any behavior contrary to national laws and morals.

Working attitude


If you can't do it, keep doing it. It's absolutely done.
Attitude determines success or failure. A good attitude, persistent determination, and continuous improvement methods are the foundation of success; no matter what, believe in yourself, believe in the team, make up your mind, eliminate all difficulties, and resolutely implement it to the end in line with an unstoppable work attitude that does not achieve the goal. I believe we will definitely get everything done and achieve our work goals.

Craftsman spirit


Excellence, Professional Excellence
Take the masters in the industry as a model for learning, study technology, do their own work, treat their own products in the spirit of meticulous craftsmanship, excellence, and the pursuit of perfection, and enjoy the sublimation of the company's products in their own hands; inherit, promote, Pursue the creative spirit of excellence, the quality spirit of excellence, and the service spirit of customer first; provide customers with the best quality products and create benefits for the enterprise, leave a monument to your history.
Cooperation basis:Coexistence and win-win, mutual benefit
Business policy:First-class quality, preferential prices, excellent service, do our best to meet market demand
Incentive mechanism:Promote listing, share-splitting
Development concept:People-oriented, innovation achievements in the future

Chairman's Speech

Hello everyone, I am Li weihong, chairman of Heshan jiamiji technology co., ltd. It has been more than 20 years since Jiamiji started his business. It can be described as 20 years of entrepreneurship, 20 years of wind and rain, and 20 years of harvest. From the initial start-up to the current preparation of the company's listing, we have gone through a period of hard work and sweat paved the road of struggle. We thank all sectors of the community for their strong support and selfless care for Jiamiji, and thank the employees who have worked hard in various positions!

A person only self-confidence and efforts to make their own achievements, an enterprise is even more so. The sea of commerce is vast, and thousands of boats are competing. Self-confidence makes us more confident in this environment where competition and development coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist, and strive to let us learn to be down-to-earth and pursue unremittingly. With these two points, the enterprise has taken root in its development. It makes every person in the company more harmonious in life and work, more united, and more sense of belonging; it makes our customers more confident to meet the future like us. This is our wealth, our value, and our motivation and belief to provide customers with every high-quality product. Excellent ideas come from excellent culture. "Creating higher value for customers and becoming a platform for employees to realize their dreams" is the mission and goal that Jiamiji has always pursued. It is the embodiment of Jiamiji's spiritual value and the spiritual source that guides Jiamiji through more than 20 years and continues to create the future. Jiamiji is working hard to create a larger and broader platform, so that people with both ability and political integrity can realize their life values and dreams on the platform of Jiamiji, and strive for the realization of the national brand of the casting optoelectronic industry!

In the future, Jiamiji will continue to make continuous efforts with the spirit of integrity, innovation, unity and hard work, shape people with mature management, motivate people with reasonable salary, and work with all Jiamiji Jiamiji people to jointly promote the successful listing of Jiamiji and cast Jiamiji's new glory, new chapter and new future!

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