Concentrate and gather strength, perform duties for the people-Heshan CPPCC Economic Committee Member Studio was inaugurated in Jiamiji

On the afternoon of October 23, 2020, the studio of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC of Heshan City was inaugurated in Heshan Jiamiji Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Qiuhong, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, Yang Zhiming, Director of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC, Li Weihong, Director of the Studio of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC and Chairman of Heshan Jiamiji Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Li Dongxia, Deputy Director of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC, Yi Jianliang, Deputy Director of the Studio of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC, Liu Jinqiang, and several members of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC attended the opening ceremony.




Unveiling Ceremony of the Studio of Economic Committee Members

(From left: Liu Jinqiang, Li Dongxia, Li Weihong, Wu Qiuhong, Yang Zhiming, Yi Jianliang)

The establishment of the Economic Committee members' studio has further promoted the effective extension of the CPPCC work to the grassroots level, and built a new platform for CPPCC members to serve the grassroots and the masses, which will play an important leading role in better consolidating the resources and intellectual advantages of the economic community in the future.

After the unveiling ceremony, the leaders and committee members who attended the unveiling ceremony visited the production workshop of Jiamiji and the studio of the members of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC, and held a discussion under the auspices of Yang Zhiming, director of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Jiamiji has always insisted on creating enterprises with science and technology, invigorating enterprises with innovation, and striving to build high-quality development enterprises. The company's forward-looking development concept, high focus on technology research and development, and various advanced production equipment all made the visiting leaders and committee members give thumbs up.






Li Weihong introduced the products and production process of Jiamiji to the leaders and committee members.

At the symposium, Li Weihong first expressed his gratitude to the establishment of the committee studio in Jiamiji, thanked the CPPCC for its trust and affirmation of Jiamiji, and said that Jiamiji will continue to adhere to the mission and responsibility of the company and fully support the work of the CPPCC. At the same time, I hope that the members of the committee studio will use this platform to strengthen communication, give full play to the advantages of democratic consultation, actively advise and suggestions, and make greater contributions to the economic development of Heshan city!




At the symposium, the committee members actively offered suggestions and suggestions on the establishment and development of the committee's studio.

Finally, Wu Qiuhong emphasized that the establishment of the studio is to build a new platform for serving the grassroots. As an important carrier for committee members to contact the masses, committee members should start with hot and difficult issues of concern to the masses and help the masses solve practical difficulties. First, CPPCC members should enhance their understanding, clarify the functional orientation of the studio, constantly improve their ability and level of self-management and performing their duties for the people, constantly improve the working system and mechanism, and promote the standardized operation of the studio. to lay a solid foundation for the efficient development of CPPCC members' studios. The second is to vigorously carry out research activities, actively participate in politics, extend the tentacles of the CPPCC, and better play the role of grassroots CPPCC consultation and democracy!




Wu Qiuhong delivered a speech at the symposium