On behalf of Taoyuan Town, Jiamiji participated in the speech contest of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and achieved good results.

In order to further study and implement Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Heshan Federation of Trade UnionsOn October 31, 2019, the "Do not forget your initiative mind, Remember Mission" poetry recitation speech contest was held. The villages and towns participating in the contest were: Shaping Street, Gonghe Town, Yayao Town, Gulao Town, Longkou, Zhai Wu Town, Zhishan Town, Taoyuan Town, Shuanghe Town, Hecheng Town and other 10 villages and towns/street offices. Among them, Tao Tianyan, an employee of our company, participated in the competition on behalf of Taoyuan Town. At the speech site, she used a touching "Don't forget the original heart, be grateful", coupled with a wonderful era music LED video as the background, and her passionate performance moved the audience and judges, and stood out among many professional players. Won the third prize and was highly praised by the Taoyuan Town Work Committee. She said: It is a great honor to represent Jiamiji and Taoyuan Town to participate in this competition. In the future, she will continue to work hard and contribute her strength to the company and Taoyuan Town.



The picture above shows the speech site of Tao Tianyan, an employee of our company.




The above picture shows the representative of our working committee.




The picture above shows the cheerleaders of Taoyuan Town Work Committee taking a group photo as a souvenir.