Jiamiji enthusiastically supports Shaping Street to carry out unpaid blood donation activities

in order to carry forward the spirit of dedication in selfless devotion and in rescuing the wounded and rescuing the dying,Shaping StreetIn22 OctoberMorningCarry outVoluntaryThe voluntary blood donation campaign attracted more than 100 people to participate actively. Participate in unpaid blood donationThe personnel are:Street cadres and workers, village (residential) cadres and employees of enterprises in the jurisdiction.AccordingStatisticsThe total number of blood donors101 people,Total blood donation reached30200 ml.






The picture above shows the blood donation scene


among them,We Heshan CityJiamiji Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.The staff are very active and enthusiastically sign up, saying that it is the responsibility of citizens to donate blood without compensation, hoping to offer a little love to the society. In the process of blood donation, their faces not only did not show a trace of timidity, but were filled with perseverance and courage. They rolled up their sleeves and sat on the blood collection chair to give their youthful blood. They said that in the future, they will encourage more employees who meet the conditions for blood donation to continue to participate in this public welfare activity, and insist on contributing their meager efforts to the society and helping more people in need. After donating blood, they continued to return to their respective posts to work hard, which fully demonstrated the high sense of responsibility of the Jia people's hard work and selfless dedication. The kindness of the Jia people was unanimously praised by the Heshan Blood Donation Office.





The above picture shows the perseverance and bravery on the faces of the Cami employees as they donate blood.





The picture above shows some employees of Jiamiji taking a group photo after donating blood.