Jiamiji Launched Tea Party to Celebrate Mid-Autumn and Greet National Day

In order to commemorate the 15 spring and autumn seasons spent by Jiamiji in Zhennan Industrial City and to remember the 5475 days and nights spent by the "Jiamiji" people here,And let every Jia people feel the feeling of home, at the same time to create a strong atmosphere of reunion. The trade union, the Youth League branch, and the Ministry of Human Resources jointly held a Mid-Autumn Festival party with the theme of "long-term people, full moon, gratitude to all the guests, drinking water to think about the source, and creating a century-old foundation.

The party was held on the 7th floor at 6:10 p. m. on September 7. Trade union chairman Zhou Dafang, chief financial officer Nie Nianfeng, and department managers were invited to attend. The party also added the touching growth story of the old employees in Camiggie. Some interactive games were interspersed between the programs. Birthday gifts and birthday cakes were given to the employees who had birthdays in August and September. The party also prepared melons and fruits, moon cakes and drinks for everyone to enjoy. In addition, the Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns and lantern riddles, watermelon eating competitions, balloon carrying competitions, stool snatching competitions and so on have made migrant workers in Jiamiji truly feel the warmth of home.

Peanuts, melons, fruits, candies, etc. prepared for the Jia people at the tea party.


Mr. Nie Nianfeng, Chief Financial Officer, sends his best wishes and greetings for the festival.


Purchasing Department Supervisor-Peng Yanhui talks about her growth in the company


Quality department staff-About her son-Chen Jingwei was admitted to a key university and received 10000 yuan/year.


Huang Feng, Manager of Coating Department-Tell me about her all-round development under the guidance of Li Zong and her achievements today.


Guessing game

Watermelon Eating Contest


Birthday Party




Members of the trade union team make a summary of the tea party