Theater stage lighting category

Imaging lamps, or modeling lamps and ellipsoidal spotlights, have various beam angles and can be selected and applied according to needs. Their main characteristics are that they can cut light spots into square, diamond, triangle and other shapes like slide lights, or project various patterns and patterns required, and their power can be optionally configured such as 1K W and 2 K W. There are also spotlights with less and less applications, the spotlight used on the stage refers to the use of a plano-convex condenser in front of the lamp, which can adjust the spot size. The light beam is more concentrated, and the light diffused next to it is relatively small. There are more than 0.5W -5 K W of power. The focal length is long, medium and short. Guangzhou stage lighting equipment can be selected according to the distance of vision. The stage lighting lighting is mainly based on fixed point light source. with different colors. to achieve various visual effects. Stage lighting lighting first respect the human eye, that is, fully consider people's viewing habits, on this basis for shaping.