"Create high-quality development and achieve ambitious goals" 2019 Spring Festival Gala Briefing

On January 16, 2019, the 201 with the theme of "creating high-quality development and achieving ambitious goals"9The annual spring festival gala was opened in Heshan jiamiji photoelectric technology co., ltd.Friends.With full enthusiasm, visit our company andCarmickiAll the Jia people gathered together, togetherWatch the Spring Festival Gala written, directed and performed by the Jiami people., looking backIn 2018, we will raise our glasses to celebrate the achievements created by the Cami people. Looking forward to 2019, we will sing loudly for a new journey.

The appreciation dinner opened with the chorus of "Singing the Motherland", wishing the motherland more prosperity and realizing the great rejuvenation dream of our Chinese nation.

Singing the Motherland Chorus


General Manager-- Nie NianfengMr. Make2018YearAnnual Summary


    InIn the key work in 2018, our production scale continues to expand; technological innovation is outstanding; product quality has been improved and has been unanimously affirmed and praised by customers; talents have been introduced and gradually moved towards youth, knowledge and high education level; outstanding achievements have been made in improving internal management. Looking forward to the 2019 annual plan: implement the overall overall planning, improve the management system and increase training efforts, strengthen financial management to increase revenue, achieve technological innovation and scientific and technological innovation, so that all Jiamiji people join hands to achieve the company's various operating targets in 2019 and strive hard.


General Manager-Mr. Nie Nianfeng to make annual summary

Chairman-- Mr. Li WeihongAddress

2019 will be the first year of our IPO reporting period. We will implement refined and standardized management and establish a share incentive mechanism with high-level core, middle-level management backbone and excellent employees. At the same time, we will also let the vast number of high-quality customers and suppliers join our team, making enterprises, employees, customers and suppliers a mutually beneficial and win-win strategic partnership and forming a wealth-sharing optoelectronic industry ecosystem.


Chairman stressed that the Jiamiki peopleto"gather colorful, enlargeWorld"The vision, adhering to the" first-class quality, preferential price, excellent service ", continue to carry forward the spirit of" integrity, innovation, unity, and hard work "; take science and technology as the source, promote the high-quality development of the company, follow the trend, and achieve it as soon as possible. Work hard for the grand goal of Jiamiji's listing.

Chairman-Mr. Li Weihong Speech

The wonderful replay

Showcase "Shake it"


Performing "Cheongsam Show"

Performing "Dance-Happy Clap"

Performance "Team Show-Queue Training"


Performing "Double Reed-Star Chaser"

Lucky Draw

2018years of fruitful,Brilliant achievements cannot be separated fromDistinguishedCustomerA high degree of recognition, can not be separated fromThe strong cooperation of cooperative suppliers is also inseparable from every friend who supports the development and growth of Jiamiji, and even more inseparable from the Jiamiji who serves Jiamiji wholeheartedly as always;


UnforgettableTonight, unforgettable tonight, looking back2018There are too many memories and cherish , Outlook2019There are too many longings and hopes. In the new year, let us stand on a new starting line and wish together,Heshan CityJiamiji Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.Esper,another success ,Building togetherBrilliant!