Co-construction Activities between Shaping Branch of Local Taxation Bureau and Party Branch of Jiamiji Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

In order to implement the mechanism of "regional overall planning, resource integration, complementary advantages, co-construction and sharing", we will further enhanceDivision IWith co-construction unitLand Tax Shaping BranchThe exchange, create a good atmosphere for development, to achieve the flowers bloom inside and outside the wall are fragrant,On June 22, 2018,Local tax shaping branch and the party branch of jiamiji photoelectric technology co., ltd. held a co-construction activity in our company.

Both sidesParty branch on behalf of the basic situation of party building,The "two studies and one doing" learning and education, party building leading business development, etc. were exchanged, and combined with their actual work, the content and form of party building work in the next stage were discussed, and it was clarified that the two parties will be committed to continuously exploring the party groups of both parties. Build a new model and work together to build a new chapter of mutual win.

The leaders of Shaping Branch of Local Taxation Bureau also visited the production workshop of our coating department to take this opportunity to learn more about the optical manufacturing industry.

This tax-enterprise co-construction activity broke the industry, unit, and geographical restrictions of party building work. The two parties exchanged views on party building work, company business conditions and concerns, and discussed in depth the experience, practices and existing problems in party building work, and actively proposed Can solve countermeasures, establish a normalized communication mechanism between tax enterprises, narrow the distance between tax enterprises, and promote the common development of tax enterprises.