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Theater lighting, lighting, common sense


Theater lighting, lighting, common sense

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2017/09/12 22:49
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According to the different performance of the show on the requirements of the lamps are also different. Here the theater stage of the basic lighting configuration is basically able to meet the general opera, ballet, ballet, drama, local drama and other performances need. Downlight, also known as RAP lamp its structure is installed in the cylinder mirror bulb or in the reflective bowl to install bromine tungsten bulb, the main feature is able to shoot a more fixed beam, wide beam angle width, but the spot size can not be adjusted; Day row of lights, to row lights High power of the astigmatism used to illuminate the sky with the curtain, requiring bright and balanced, large area of ​​exposure:

Imaging lamp or modeling lamp, ellipsoid spotlight, its beam angle has a variety of, according to the need to choose the application, the main feature is like a slides like cutting the spot into a square, diamond, triangle shape, or projected A variety of patterns, power also 1K W, 2 KW and other optional configuration; there are fewer and less use of the spotlight, the stage with the spotlight is used in front of the light convex condenser, this lamp can adjust the spot size. Out of the beam is more concentrated, next to the diffuse light is relatively small. Power has 0. 5W -5 K W variety. Focal length is long, medium and short points. Guangzhou stage lighting equipment can be seen from the distance on demand. Stage lighting with light to focus on light-based. With different colors. To achieve a variety of visual effects. Stage lighting lighting first respect is the human eye, that is, taking full account of people's viewing habits, on the basis of this type of plastic.