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Companies to fully implement the standardization of enterprises


Companies to fully implement the standardization of enterprises

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2018/01/04 23:59
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From December 5 to December 7, the "Channel Class" of the TGS system was held in Chengdu, China by Prof. Xue Jieyao, the pioneer of equity design in China and the expert on China's performance-based quantification. Ji Mickey Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Wei-Hong Li, general manager, Dong Guo and deputy general manager and other senior leaders for the further development of enterprises to expand, enroll to attend the course.

Poly Commerce Circle is one of the top ten training institutions in China. It is honored as the "Whampoa Military Academy", the leader of the new business community in China. It brings together business, academic, financial and media businesses. The business content focuses on the Internet +, capital, and transformation and upgrading businesses The topic of concern. The "Channel Class" course mainly explained the standardization of enterprises. The atmosphere of the course was very warm. Five members of the team from Camille carefully studied how to design the capital from the top down, implemented the management of the performance pay system, and the team members were active Seminars, writing papers with teachers, under the division of labor, excellent completion of the entire course.

In order to promptly convey the core content of "Channel Class" to all the VIPs, the Company held "TGS Channel Class Advocacy Sharing Session" on December 20, and the company's management, the deputy head of the production department and the above colleagues attended the study. At the meeting, Manager Chen Xianhui made a presentation on the course content of "TGS Channel Class" and focused on "Three Pictures and Three Tables" to explain how to solve the three major issues of "Wages, Positions and How to Improve Shareholders".

Finally, Dong and his deputy general manager shared the dissertation with him and discussed the equity, institution, quantification and management of the enterprise by combining the "triple realm of sword law" and "enterprise management." Deputy General Manager Dong stressed that Jamilkey is in an important period of development. Carrying out the standardization of enterprises is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading of the company. To formulate and publicize the standardization construction is an important task for the company now and for some time to come. All the Ka people must strengthen their understanding of the ideology, earnestly internalize the work of standardization in their heart and externalize themselves, and help the company to develop better and faster in a comprehensive way.