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The company acquired 47.24 acres of land to build Jiamiji Technology Park


The company acquired 47.24 acres of land to build Jiamiji Technology Park

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2017/12/04 00:55
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In order to meet the development needs of the market and the company, we should further plan for a bigger blueprint for development. Recently, the company acquired 47.24 acres of land to build Jiamiji Science Park.

Commencement of the R & D Center is located in Taoyuan Taoyuan Road, Heshan City, No. 33 North, convenient traffic, just 45 minutes by direct high-speed Jiangzhao Guangzhou, just 90 minutes from the Pearl River Delta to Macau. Science and Technology Park covers an area of ​​31496.2 square meters, planning construction area of ​​97000 square meters, will accommodate more than 1200 employees, more than 600 various types of equipment, configuration million coating, assembly dust-free workshop 30,000 square meters, is a collection of scientific research, Production, sales and living in one of the modern science and technology industrial park. The company plans to introduce the world's most advanced optical vacuum coating machine and high, fine and sharp production and testing equipment in the science and technology park to set up a team of experienced and energetic production technology management elites to establish an industry-leading optical electronic design and research project Center, the future of corporate patent annual growth rate will not be less than 50%.

After the completion of the Jiamiji Science and Technology Park, the headquarters of the company will move into the Science and Technology Park and the factory area will be set up as a branch office. All the facilities are intact and will be used as a production base of the head office. In the future development, the company will uphold the integrity of the traditional virtues of a pragmatic attitude to business stronger companies, adhere to the talent-based, science and technology innovation-oriented, focusing on optical and electronic as the core, to create their own high-end optical products, and strive to become The world's national brand.