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The company organized the management to participate in the star course of Business School


The company organized the management to participate in the star course of Business School

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2017/11/29 16:35
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From November 24 to November 26, Jiamiji Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. organized 13 managers of various departments to attend the star course of the convergent business school, "Commanding Chief Executive of the Art of War." The course was held in Phoenix Country Garden, Longjiang, Foshan. The lecture was hosted by Mr. Lu Jiandong, CEO of Shanghai Dongjiahui Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Dean of Business School.

The three-day course is designed to bring together the team of business experts who are "tailor-made" in their eyes on the urgent needs of Chinese companies and are dedicated to implementing the real-world implementation of the course. The course emphasizes that there are numerous reasons for the failure of an enterprise, but there is only one reason for its long-term development. That is to say, the implementation is carried out without any compromise. No powerful army, a person can not take the world! Enterprises want to grow and develop, can not do without a super-execution team. To build such an iron army, we need to proceed from four aspects, namely, the four core elements of execution: human beings, systems, cultures and systems. Implementation is people-centered, continued to strengthen the system and culture, establish a system of implementation, the company strategy thoroughly. Training layman's language tells how companies should be selected, how to build a team, how to stimulate the desire of the team, step by step to enhance the team's execution of the enterprise.

During the training, 300 entrepreneurs and executives from Guangdong Province enthusiastically joined hands and took the climax with the actual case and scenario simulation. When each team last played PK, the entire venue was filled with an iron-clad iron blood atmosphere. Uniform pace, stirring roar, the steel skeleton of the character exposed. The scene of each team set up are less than three days! Each member of each team on the stage that desperately hard, every time the voice exhausted, desperate to move themselves, touched the audience!

The trainees said that they have gained a lot of new management concepts and methods through this training and they will transform and apply the learned knowledge and ideas into their work in the future! The same is true of a business man, a great company is a group of ordinary people come out, when everyone is proud to be part of this team, the team has the spirit, when a team has a strong spirit When the world they will be great!

As Lee said, in order to create a team with super execution within the enterprise, three days of learning is not enough, so up to become "cricket", to truly become "commander in chief", the team must be the same goal, action Consistently, will continue this enthusiasm, and make a commitment to lead the team to achieve the goal! The higher the promise, the more likely you are to succeed because attitude is everything!

In the future, the company will establish a normal learning and training mechanism of "going out, coming in, learning from each other and learning from science" so as to make learning and training the best way to get promoted, developed and self-esteemed. Hope that all the Ka people in their daily life can work tirelessly study and implement the letter, to create a "Kaji Ji" as a banner, efficient execution of the learning team!

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