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R & D team

R & D team


R & D department was established at the beginning of the company, has been accompanied by the development and development of the company! R & D department is a number of optical engineers, structural engineers, test engineers, coating engineers and other R & D technical staff. R & D departments to give full play to the advantages of technology and personnel, and independently developed a variety of suitable for different types of customers need products. (Such as 30W, 60W, 150W, 300W, 440 and other condenser series), as well as stage lighting different types of pattern lights, beam lights (such as 150W, 300W, 330W, 440W beam, etc.) Series), multi-zoom three-in-one lens (such as 150W, 280W, 330W, 440W and many other zoom series) and so on. R & D in addition to the development of new products, but also to provide customers with a variety of product testing and debugging, for customers to solve the various problems on the product.