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Message from the Chairman

About Us

Hello everyone, I was Heshan Jiamiji Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Weihong. Kamei from the start to the present has been more than 20 years, can be described as 20 years of business, wind and rain 20 years, harvest 20 years. From the initial start to the present preparations for the company listed on the operation, we have gone through a period of effort and sweat paved the way of struggle. We would like to thank the community for the strong support and selfless care of the Jiami Ji, thank hard work in all positions on the hard work of the staff!

A person only self-confidence and efforts to make their own achievements, a business is even more so. To the vast expanse of the sea. Self-confidence makes us more confident in this environment of competition and development, opportunities and challenges, and strive to make us learn to be down-to-earth and relentless pursuit. Enterprises have these two points, it took the root of the development. It makes every person in the enterprise in life and work more harmonious, more united, more sense of belonging; so that our customers and we are more confident to meet the future. This is our wealth, but also our value, we are to provide customers with every quality products, the power and faith. Excellent ideas from the excellent culture, "for customers to create higher value, as employees to achieve the dream of the platform" is Jiami Ji always pursue the mission and the constant pursuit of the goal, is the spirit of Jia Miji's embodiment, Mickey has gone through more than twenty years and continues to create the spiritual source of the future. Kameki is working to create a larger and broader platform, so that both ability and political integrity in the Garmisch platform to achieve their own life values ​​and dreams, to achieve the casting of the photovoltaic industry, the national brand and struggle!

In the future, Jiamei will continue to work in good faith, innovation, unity, hard work spirit, with mature management to shape people, with reasonable salary to inspire people, together with all the Jiemi Ji Jia, together to promote the Successfully listed, casting the new glory of Kerry, new chapter, new future! ! !