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Company Address: Heshan City Shaping Town South Industrial City on the 19th (Anbai circuit board factory straight into the 500 meters) 

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Company Culture

About Us

Our vision: to be the top photoelectric manufacture enterprise of the world.


1. Our mission: committed to make the enterprise stronger and larger, leading the new trend of photoelectrics in the world.

2.Our purpose: to use the best resources, produce the first-class products, to fight for the common prosperity for the Jiamiji people.

3. Our values:

1) Customer-- the reason for the existence of Jiamiji;

2) Gratitude--to be a person with a heart of gratitude, to earn the respect with truth.

3) Responsibility--be responsible to yourself, to the enterprise, to your family and to the society.

4) Honesty--to be honest, and win the world.

5) Self requirements--always keep energetic, always pursue the first.


4.Our core concept:

1) The development concept: high-quality goods created by us.

2) Working concept: praticing the simple work method to excellence, is desperate measure.

3) The marketing concept: the customers would like to buy our character,not merely to buy our products.

4) Service concept: to the customer's growth, we have the responsibility that can't be shirked.

5) The brand concept: brand has value, value creates wealth.

6) Employment concept: excellent people are resources, mediocre employees are debts.

7) Salary concept: good results gain paid, no results is a disgrace.

8) Promotion concept: creating results, training talents, to be promoted.

9) Management concept: liberality can win your people, set an sample and lead others, rules can convince people.

5. Our work standards:

1) Obey absolutely, carry out the instructions to the full, and execute immediately.

2) Steel-teamwork, be united, unity is power.

3) Be consistent, seeking truth from facts, and do as you said.

4) Successful image, confident dressing, and show the elegant demeanour.

5) Be optimistic and positive, and concentrate on the positivity, cut off negativity.

6) Be responsible, diligentness is the first, clever is the second.

7) Keep the promise, never give up, pursue the first.

8) Watch your bottom line, create the value and provide go results.