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cost accounting

cost accounting


1, responsible for product cost accounting, cost analysis, is mainly responsible for accounting product material costs, labor costs and manufacturing costs distribution;

2, familiar with the preparation of BOM, skilled use of ERP and a variety of financial software, functions;

3, the management of warehouse materials collection, hair, supervision and inspection of finished products, shipping plans and the actual number of sales;

4, on a monthly basis to submit the product BOM and product shipping audit table.


1, male and female, 30-38 years old, cheerful, outgoing, bold, good at communication, affinity, subject to superior work arrangements.

2, Bachelor degree or above, professional cost accounting priority, with more than 3 years of relevant work experience.

  Benefits: 8 hours work system, enjoy the state of the proposed holiday, the company package to eat, air-conditioned dormitory, all day 24 supply hot water, to provide paid training.