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Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for the daily collection of storage, hair, deposit management work, and strive to reach the account, card, single, consistent, so that in the library of raw materials and finished products in a good quality state;

2, responsible for semi - finished product warehouse product loading, handling and computer entry;

3, according to the production schedule delivery table to release products;

4, subject to superior leadership arrangements, to comply with the rules of the company and warehouse rules and regulations.

job requirements:

1, male, high school and above, a warehouse experience is preferred;

2, skilled use of office software, hard work, strong execution, a team spirit;

3, the remuneration: 3000-4500 / yuan.

Welfare: 8 hours working hours, overtime Enjoy the state of the proposed holiday, the company package to eat, air-conditioned quarters, all day 24 supply of hot water, to provide paid training.