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Production Manager

Production Manager

Production Manager:


Job Responsibilities:

1, according to the sales plan, scientific preparation, adjust the production plan to meet the needs of sales to ensure that the market supply.

2, according to the production operation plan, master production schedule, the organization of the distribution of labor, balance equipment, equipment.

3, once a day to hold the production of regular meeting, analysis of production situation, put forward solutions to problems and measures.

4, according to production needs, the preparation of materials procurement procurement plan, and earnestly implement, timely contact to solve the production gap materials.

5, to strengthen communication with the subordinates, communication, able to relieve their subordinates to worry about, to encourage their ministry to work hard; listen carefully to the staff rationalization proposals, and should actively adopt.

6, the organization of production staff to learn the company's rules and regulations to ensure that the rules and regulations in the production department to be correct and smooth implementation.

7, in-depth on-site guidance work, regular staff on the professional ethics, ideological quality, job skills, safety, quality control training. Regular staff skills assessment, training staff love and dedication, improve operational skills, improve labor productivity.

8, do a good job of equipment management, proposed renovation program, regular maintenance, improve equipment integrity and utilization.

9, responsible for the production of technical and quality assurance work, identify problems in a timely manner to resolve and deal with, major issues directly to the general manager, to the general manager of the proposed work to improve the proposal.

10, responsible for the production process of security measures.

11, responsible for controlling production costs, organizational innovation, improve efficiency.

12, coordination of production departments, subject to superior work arrangements.


job requirements:

1, male or female, undergraduate and above, aged 30-45 years old, there are enterprise management experience more than 5 years;

2, fully familiar with the spherical lens cold processing of the process: milling rough, fine grinding, car side, polished.

3, diligent and studious, motivated, learning ability, strong ability to resist, good communication, affinity, strong execution, subject to superior work arrangements.

4, salary: 12000-15000 yuan / month benefits: 8 hours of work, enjoy the state of the paid holidays, the company package to eat, air-conditioned quarters, all day 24 supply of hot water, to provide paid training.