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Quality Manager

Quality Manager

Quality Manager:


Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for the production of lens quality management and supervision;

2, according to the company's overall quality of the organization to develop quality control programs, monitoring the quality of the entire product, the organization inspectors do a good job of inspection records;

3, incoming inspection, the organization inspectors according to the inspection standards for incoming inspection;

4, the process of inspection, the organization inspectors according to the inspection standards or product specifications of the production process of the process to test;

5, the finished product inspection, the organization inspectors according to the inspection standards for finished products for testing;

6, responsible for nonconforming product management;

7, seriously accept customer complaints, and deal with complaints to find out the reasons for complaints;

8, to develop improvement measures, and supervise the implementation of the production sector;

9, the establishment of measurement system, maintenance and measurement of the regular identification of equipment and proofreading;

10, the system of quality control personnel to carry out relevant training, the quality of staff awareness training;

11, subject to superior work arrangements.


job requirements:

1, male and female, undergraduate and above, aged 30-45 years old, with optical business workshop quality management experience for more than 5 years preferred;

2, skilled optical products of the technical parameters of the test method, can operate a variety of optical measurement equipment;

3, a strong organizational capacity and sense of responsibility, strong ability to resist, good at communication, affinity, subject to superior work arrangements.

4, salary: 12000-15000 yuan / month benefits: 8 hours work system, enjoy the state of the paid holidays, the company package to eat, air-conditioned quarters, all day 24 supply of hot water, to provide paid training