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Management reserve cadres

Management reserve cadres

Management reserve cadres:


Job Responsibilities:

1, to assist the department manager to complete the daily related work, responsible for staff arrangements, the distribution of work;

2, responsible for the collection and writing of relevant information, in a timely manner to provide information to the leadership reference and construction advice;

3, to complete the general manager of the arrangements for other work, and take the initiative to report to the superior.


job requirements:

1, male and female, 25-35 years old, undergraduate and above, can be familiar with the use of office and WPS system, with relevant work experience is preferred;

2, good image, quick thinking, active and positive, strong communication and coordination;

3, cheerful, outgoing, ability to accept, strong ability to withstand, subject to superior work arrangements;

4, the remuneration: 4000-8000 yuan / month. welfare:

8 hours of work, enjoy the state of the proposed holiday, the company package to eat, air-conditioned quarters, all day 24 supply of hot water, to provide paid training.