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Heshan jiamiji Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is a collection of optical lens research and development, production, sales and service as the core of high-tech enterprises.

Enterprises with elegant environment, construction area of over 14,000 square meters of garden-like plant, nearly 400 employees, more than 300 various types of equipment, equipped with 10,000 clean room coating and assembly of 10,000 clean room, has engaged in optical industry for many years experienced and dynamic production team, senior optical engineers design team, with the ability to independently design of the optical lens, optical instruments in the field to become the first-class enterprise. Enterprises in 2009 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, we have established enterprise information management, with a number of national patents, and successfully created the "Jia Miji" own brand products are mainly used in computers stage projection, LED projectors, laser theater projector , Photography, medical, finance, teaching and other imaging optoelectronic devices.

  • LED lens that is closely linked with the LED can enhance the efficiency of light and luminous efficiency, according to different effects to use different lenses to change the LED light field distribution of the optical system

    Technological process

  • Industry and services

    Our company has a strong R & D team of experienced optical engineers, with independent design, research and development of various types of optical systems. The optical system used in stage lighting, projection device, etc., and has excellent imaging concentrator.

  • Over the past 12 years, the company has been "bringing together colorful, enlarge the world" for the purpose of "customers to create higher value and become a platform for employees to achieve the dream" for the mission to "integrity, innovation, unity, hard work" Carry forward the spirit of artisans and dedication to ...

    Corporate environment

  • Corporate environment

    Vision: Casting photoelectric industry national brand
    Purpose: to gather colorful, enlarge the world
    Mission: to create higher value for customers, a platform for employees to achieve their dreams
    Style: to promote positive energy, put an end to negative energy
  • Contact: Miss Yang
    Tel: 0750-2638701
    E-mail: jiamiji07@jiamiji.com
    Company Address: Heshan City Shaping Town South Industrial City on the 19th (Anbai circuit board factory straight into the 500 meters)

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